Based in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, Mystery Entertainments creates and produces live events featuring mystery entertainers.

We also consult with other performing artists wishing to use the knowledge, techniques, and concepts of the mystery arts in their productions.

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Mike Kay is a performing artist whose media include mystery, influence and mind reading. He also specialises in the applied science of imaginary solutions and recreational impossibilities.

He is a Member of both PSYCRETS, the British Society of Mystery Entertainers and the Psychic Entertainers Association.

He has performed both nationally and internationally, in solo shows as well as ensemble casts. He has written and edited several works on mystery performance. In addition to performing, he also gives readings.


january 2018

26jan18:0020:00An Evening with Mike Kay

february 2018

23feb18:0020:00An Evening with Mike Kay

march 2018

15mar20:30Dank Magic Show

30mar18:0020:00An Evening with Mike Kay

january 2018

13jan19:00Red Room Cabaret - The Premiere Edition

12jan19:00Red Room Cabaret - The Premiere Edition

december 2017

02dec19:00Andrzejki 2017

november 2017

04nov19:30Event CancelledTime Travel Cabaret - 1940s UK

03nov19:30Event CancelledTime Travel Cabaret - 1940s UK

october 2017

28oct20:00The Menagerie: October 2017

april 2017

01apr20:30Caburlesque: The Birthday Show

february 2017

25feb20:00The Menagerie: February 2017

18feb21:30CAKE! A Delicious Late-Night Cabaret

17feb21:30CAKE! A Delicious Late-Night Cabaret

16feb21:30CAKE! A Delicious Late-Night Cabaret

december 2016

10dec20:00Tragic Mike

november 2016

26nov18:30Magicians of Wellington

25nov18:30Magicians of Wellington

24nov18:30Magicians of Wellington

july 2016

22jul20:30Orlando, We Love You: A Variety Show

june 2016

09jun20:00Australian Burlesque Festival - Funfair Circus

may 2016

19may19:00The Monthly Mystery: The Final Episode - May 2016

april 2016

14apr19:00The Monthly Mystery – April 2016

march 2016

04mar20:00Penny Dreadful's Risque Revue

february 2016

11feb19:00The Monthly Mystery – February 2016

january 2016

14jan19:00The Monthly Mystery - January 2016

december 2015

10dec19:00The Monthly Mystery - December 2015

november 2015

12nov19:00The Monthly Mystery - November 2015

october 2015

31oct20:00The Menagerie: Halloween Special

10oct19:3023:30New Zealand Burlesque Festival - Spectacular Tease

september 2015

12sep20:00AetherCon 2015 Auckland Ball & Cabaret

july 2015

19jul13:00Perth International Burlesque Festival - Peep Shows

june 2015

13jun21:00Black Tie Burlesque - Winter Warmer Masquerade

12jun21:00Black Tie Burlesque - Winter Warmer Masquerade

february 2015

27feb20:00The Menagerie Fringe Festival 3 Night Special

14feb19:30Cabaret L'amour - Valentine's Day Special

07feb20:30Caburlesque - Rock and Rhinestones

november 2014

30nov19:00Wellington Magic Club - End of Year Show 2014

23nov19:00The Pretty Things Peepshow

august 2014

30aug20:30Black Tie Burlesque - Molotov Cocktail Bar

june 2014

07jun21:00Caburlesque - Return of the Royal Gala

may 2014

24may20:00The Menagerie

02may19:00A Field Guide to Charlatans

february 2013

27feb20:30The Secrets of Magicians


Readings can help you understand your strengths and reveal any blind spots you might have; they can provide you with clarity, happiness and freedom from negativity; they can show you new positive directions and guide you on how to achieve your highest potential.

Mike Kay offers readings through the use of Tarot, numerology and cleromancy. Readings may be one-on-one or in groups, and may be conducted via email, telephone, Skype or in person.

If you seek a deeper insight of yourself, of a situation or just want an upbeat character reading with friends, feel free to get in contact.